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  • L-220


    Hood & Vent Cleaner

    An extra-high alkaline cleaner formulated for removing grease, grime and dirt from restaurant vent hoods. Especially effective on grease, fat and soy oils. Biodegradable with rust inhibitor. dilution: 100:1 to 20:1, depending on soil concentration

  • Landa Phosphatizer

    Landa Phosphatizer

    Ideal for Paint Preparation

    Landa Phosphatizer is a complete phosphatizing agent that cuts and removes oil, grease and grime from steel prior to painting. It is a butyl-based, biodegradable cleaner that can be applied using spray, dip or wipe-on cleaning and phosphatizing methods. It also works well in hard or soft water and rinses completely. dilution: Use 1/4 to 2 ounces per gallon of 120°F water, depending on the method of application, the weight of the coating desired and the temperature.

  • LazerWash


    Extra-Strength Cleaner

    Highly concentrated blend of non-fuming acid and surfactants formulated to remove everything from diesel smoke and rust to welding smut. Ideal for cleaning building exteriors, but safe to use on glass and aluminum. Biodegradable. dilution: 10:1

  • Mongoose


    Coil Conditioner

    Inhibited, non-fuming, bio-degradable acid cleaner removes rust and hard water deposits from inside heating coils. For pressure washers and boilers. mix ratio: 16:1

  • Poweredge


    Butyl-Based Super Degreaser

    A powerful, highly concentrated degreaser with extra cleaning ingredients. While it is non-caustic, but butyl-based, it works with the effectiveness of a caustic detergent. Biodegradable and safe for even fine automotive finishes. Has alcohol for restorative cleaning. dilution: 150:1