About Us

The origins of PSI is one that began with a simple idea…

Mike and Dana Whitney started PSI with integrity as the paramount criterion in business dealings and choosing equipment. At PSI, we sell products that are durable and reliable. We have the right technicians to help you maintain what we sell and repair the rest!

PSI has been an innovator in the water cleaning industry with 30 years in the same location providing equipment to professionals in various sectors. Our longevity and experience in the industry have enabled PSI to become a leading provider.

Today, Mike and Dana’s son, Brandon Whitney, has taken the helm and continues to do business the way his parents started all those years ago. We know it’s old-fashioned to be a family-run business that does 90% of the business face to face and open and close every transaction with a handshake, but it’s the way we like to do it.

We specialize in finding the right solution to make your cleaning process quick enough to keep your customers happy, efficient enough to keep your labor costs low, and GREEN enough so that you can work anywhere.

Over the years, we have provided equipment to public utilities, educational institutions, municipalities and incarceration facilities, transportation, manufacturing (including food and beverage), construction, cookie and bread bakeries, property maintenance services, automotive detailers and car washes, medical, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, retail, hospitality, restaurant, and catering industries to name a few.

Mike and Dana Whitney - PSI
Mike and Dana’s son, Brandon Whitney