Rea UltraVapor

Designed for industrial and heavy commercial use. Handle those “impossible to clean” challenges, with ease!

Environmentally friendly
Save time and money
Clean, sanitize and dry surfaces in one step
Achieve unprecedented levels of cleanliness
Safe and easy to use

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What is UltraVapor Food Equipment Sanitation Technology? PDF

UltraVapor Dry Steam is created by heating ordinary tap water under pressure to a temperature of 356 F (160 C). When released from the boiler with a pressure of 145 psi ( 10 bar ), it forms a dry vapor that cleans and sanitizes virtually any surface, quickly and safely, through a combination of heat, the limited moisture content and the discharge pressure. A complete range of accessories are available to address virtually any cleaning/sanitizing challenge.


Features and Benefits of UltraVapor Dry Steam Cleaning Technology:

Low steam moisture-the 6% moisture content of UltraVapor results in up to a 95% reduction in water use, and waste water creation, compared to pressure washing and up to a 50% reduction compared to dangerous live steam.

High vapor temperature – The high temperature of UltraVapor kills bacteria, molds, mildews and viruses on contact, including those in areas where foaming agents and sanitizers can’t reach. The high temperature also leaves surfaces dry and ready for immediate use.

Low steam discharge pressure – at 145 psi, UltraVapor eliminates the damage often caused by pressure washing where pressures can range from 1500 psi to over 3000 psi. Low pressure also ensures Operator safety.

Safe around electrical equipment – the low moisture content of the vapor allows UltraVapor to be used around electrical equipment, motors, sensors, controllers etc without fear of creating short circuits or damaging sensitive components.

Ability to add water and chemicals to the vapor-the high temperature of the vapor allows cleaning to be done without chemicals but the equipment is capable of adding additional water and chemicals for special cleaning applications or to increase cleaning speed.

Why choose Rea UltraVapor?

  • Exceptional design and high quality construction of the equipment ensures that yourinvestment will provide well over a decade of hard industrial use.
  • A complete range of rugged, high quality accessories available.
  • We are vapor steam cleaning experts with experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies to address their cleaning and sanitation challenges since 1999.
  • Comprehensive on site training in the effective use of the equipment is provided.