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Sioux has available two lines of All-electric steam cleaners and pressure washers. The EN Series features an extra heavy duty industrial steel frame that is built for extremely rugged operating environments. These units may be used for applications in the petroleum, mining, and waste water treatment industries. The EN Series also features explosion proof steam cleaners that are available for use in hazardous (classified) locations. Per OSHA 1910.303(a), hazardous locations may be found in aircraft hangars, gasoline dispensing and bulk storage plants, paint-finishing process plants, health care facilities, agricultural plants, marinas, boat yards, and petroleum and chemical processing plants.

The E Series units are for markets that require the same cleaning power as the EN Series but in a compact, portable commercial design. The units have a heavy duty industrial steel frame and utilize similar components as the larger EN Series. These units are ideal of applications where portability and space are a concern such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, and general manufacturing facilities.