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SINAK HLQ-125™ is a zero VOC, permanent, penetrating sealer that reduces water intrusion, moisture, moisture vapor, alkalinity, hydrostatic pressure and osmotic pressure on new or existing concrete, masonry and stone substrates. HLQ-125™  creates a protective barrier within the concrete substrate that cannot be removed chemically or physically, and there is no film or residue that can be worn or weathered away. HLQ-125™ excels in permanently waterproofing negative side cast in place concrete and masonry.

HLQ-125™ reconsolidates dusting concrete and masonry surfaces. Concrete treated with HLQ-125™ is protected against water penetration, chloride intrusion, efflorescence, algae growth, mold, and staining from food, oil, and chemicals.

HLQ-125™ retains the natural appearance of the substrate and does not change colored or stained concrete. SINAK HLQ-125™  is ideal for interior and exterior applications that are expected to receive heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic. SINAK HLQ-125™ permanently penetrates into the substrate and does not need to be re-applied for the life of the concrete.

HLQ-125™ will prevent or reduce moisture vapor rates up to 50lbs/1000 ft²- 24hr and RH up to 100% to well below accepted levels for subsequent application of flooring and coating systems such as epoxies, vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl, carpet, wood flooring, roofing deck coatings and more.