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SINAK HS-30™ Sealer is a VOC compliant Sealer and Polishing Guard that provides etch and stain resistance with a high sheen finish. This spray applied coating is designed to protect interior/exterior concrete, epoxy, gypsum, masonry, marble, methyl methacrylate, polyurethane, underlayments, wood and terrazzo against chemical intrusion and staining.

HS-30™ provides a chemically stable solution that is UV stable and will not cloud or blush over time. HS-30™ is easy to apply and does not require backrolling, microfibering, heat, or burnishing. The durability of HS-30™ is unmatched and will not require reapplication for a minimum of five years. If and when re-application is required, HS-30™ tenaciously bonds to previously treated surfaces and does not require a solvent swipe or additional surface preparation.

HS-30™ is the perfect solution for Polishing Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Flooring Installers, and Maintenance Teams looking for a long lasting, cost effective solution to Enhanced Flooring Protection.